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BF100 Car Brake Fluid Tester Diagnostic Testing Tool
$19.88 USD
Wide Application: This brake fluid tester is universal fit for most vehicle. Check the health status of DOT-3, DOT-4, DOT-5.1 brake fluid and most synthetic brake fluids. It's very convenient for personal use and broadly applied in individual workshops, repair factories and dealer workshops.


Why We Must Have Brake Fluid Tester(BF100)?

Brake pressure was transmitted by brake fluid, the pressure transmission will be out of function once brake fluid including too much water. In order to safe-driving, we must test water ratio scale in brake fluid regularly. The brake fluid tester helps us do current maintenance, make sure we drive in safe condition.

How To Use?

1. Install 2 AAA 1.5v batteries at the back of brake fluid tester.(battery not included)
2. After inserting the battery, press the button 3 seconds to turn on the tester, the LED lights turn on indicates the product self-test is successful.
3. Press the button,the LED lights will recycle from DOT3 to DOT4 to DOT5.1. Select the brake fluid model of your vehicle.
4.Put the goose neck probe into the brake fluid and see the data of LED lights.
5. According to results to find out the status of brake fluid.

Indicator Results:

Green Light ON: ( 0.1% - 0.5% ) GOOD(OK)
Yellow Light ON: ( 1.0% - 2.0% ) NEED CAUTIONS
Red Light ON: ( 3.0% - 4.0% ) Dangerous


1.Please select corresponding Brake Fluid Model to test. Non-correspongding Model will cause inaccuracy.
2. After use, please clean the probe and avoid any retention of stains that affect the next test.
3. If not use for a long time, best to remove all batteries and store in a dry place at normal room temperature.

Package Includes:

1x Brake fluid tester
1x Package box (in English)

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