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50 Pcs 8mm Bumper Fastener Rivet Clips
$6.99 USD
These bumper clips are made of high-quality black nylon material, which has better resistance to wear and corrosion. fit on most of auto parts with 8mm hole, hold your parts very tightly, and widely used for door trim, radiator shield yoke, fender, bumper, side skirt, grille, engine cover and splash shield retainers rivet clips.



The raw materials of nylon rivet clips we sell are made of nylon,Nylon has the advantages of light weight,  high hardness, abrasion resistance, creep resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., these parts have little metal abrasion, reduce the amount of lubricating oil, and enhance the service life of the parts


How to use the nylon rivet clip?

  1. Check the hole size of your car, make sure the hole size is 8mm.

  2. Remove the old clips with a remover tool from your car, very easy to install and remover easier with a rivets remover tool ( tool not included).

  3. Put the two parts of the new clips together

  4. Push the clips into the hole


About 8mm Nylon Rivet Clips

Commonly used for fitting side skirt, bumper, car fender, door trim panel, interior trim panel and various trim panels,Radiator yoke, fender & bumper shield retainer,and they can be used on cars, truck, motorcycles, buses, trains, planes, caravans, etc.

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