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TPMS Relearn Tool U508 Tire Reset Tool for Ford GM Series Vehicle
$39.99 USD
U508 is an essential tool with a 315MHz or 433 MHz tire pressure monitoring system, it can be activated by done alone within 3-5 minutes, Save your time and money. Works on most vehicles equipped TPMS system, Please check the exact car model list to check whether your car compatible with U508 tpms tool, more models will be updated in future after being tested !







Works on most vehicles equipped with 315/433 MHz , PLEASE CHECK THE EXACT CAR MODEL LIST to confirm whether your car compatible with U508 tpms tool, More car models will be updated after being tested!!



This U508 tpms relearn tool supports more than 200 styles of cars, and each car has a different way to enter the learning mode. The following is how the car enters the learning mode, or PM.

  1. You can successfully enter the learning mode by referring to the user manual of the car.

  2. You can go to various platforms to learn to download videos, or you can successfully enter the learning mode.

  3. After Subaru uses obdii products to enter the learning mode, it needs to be reset with our U508. You can also PM to send you how Subaru entered the learning mode.


When do you need this U508 tpm activation tool ?



  1. 9V battery should be in good condition, NEW & fully charged.

  2. Please make sure antenna fit in CORRECT position.

  3. Do tire reset outside instead of in the garage.

  4. Position of tires is also important, Front tires have to be straight.

  5. Sensors should be original OEM sensors which well programmed.

  6. This U508 is for tire sensor reset, but sensor programming is not possible.

  7. It won't work if you've purchased aftermarket sensors with wrong frequency.




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