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OBDResource Car Voltage Smart Circuit Tester, Power Probe 0.8-100V DC Voltage Tester Automotive Continuity Test Electrical Tester Car Fuse Tester with Flashlight for Car Battery
$29.99 USD
Smart Circuit Tester:It can recognize the current measured signal (DC voltage, polarity, resistance, and continuity)automatically once the probe touched the power supply or resistance under the default smart measurement mode. Then you can press the hold button to read the results on the screen. It needs no extra operation. Wide Test Range: The power probe has a wide detection range from 0.8v-100v DC, which is suitable for various vehicle circuit tests like car fuse testing, wire checking, battery and ACC system testing. It makes easier for you to check the problem of vehicle. It can also automatically identify the positive and negative terminals of the battery, and the "-" sign before readings means negative. High Accuracy Car Fuse Tester: The car DC voltage circuit tester has a resolution of 0.001V resolution under 2V voltage while the resolution is 0.1V under 100V voltage. The resolution of resistance is range from 1Ω-0.01MΩ while the resistance is range from 2000Ω to 20MΩ. The accuracy is about ±1%. Friendly to Use: The OBDResource smart circuit tester for car has an data hold on button, which can make the data on the screen unchanged for recording. Also the inner buzzer can remind you if the resistance is below 50Ω. Or if the DC voltage is higher than 100V, the screen will shows "OL". Furthermore, the long spring has a negative clip and probe head cover, so you can operate and store it individually and safely. Backlight LCD Display and More :The voltage tester pen for car equipped with a backlight LCD display and flashlight for a clearer reading and precise operation in dark place. You can press light key shortly to turn on/off the screen backlight and long press it to turn on/off the flashlight. The storage bag in the package makes it convenience to store when it is spare. We also offer you a 1-year guarantee.

smart circuit tester for car

Accurate Circuit Tester for Car

Why you need it?

This smart circuit tester can test car`s DC voltage/resistance/continuity, it also can test polarity of battery. With flashlight and backlight display, you can use it to check wiring problem in car`s dim place. The data hold function is convenient for you to record the result. It will be shut off when there is no operation in 15 minutes.

What the accuracy and resolution it has?

The accuracy of testing results is about ±1.2%.

The resolution of voltage & resistance testing result is 0.05%, which means when the voltage is 20V, the circuit tester does not recognise voltage changes when the voltage fluctuation is too small (0.01V), i.e. It`s the same with resistance.

smart circuit tester for car

Smart Car Circuit Tester

How it works?

The OBDResource circuit tester has a default smart mode which can recoginize signals and shows result on the screen automatically. It needs no extra operation. According to the result it shows, you can check car`s circuit and find the problem qualickly. It`s convenient for you to repair car`s wiring problems.

Furthermore, the circuit tester will display "-" when the probe touches the negative poles, which can help you to recognize the positive pole and negative pole of battery.

smart circuit tester for car

smart circuit tester for car

smart circuit tester for car

smart circuit tester for car

Probe Sleeve

You can put the sharp probe in the probe sleeve when it is spare, which is safe and convenient.

High Quality Probe

Durable and oxidation-resistant probe made of high-quality metal

Carrying Clip

The carrying clip is on the back of the battery compartment. It`s very convenient for you to carry on.

smart circuit tester for car


Stromkreistester Benutzerhandbuch.pdf

Circuit Tester User Manual.pdf

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